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As an avid reader of self-improvement books, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in various areas including personal finance, time management, and relationship building. I have applied these principles to my personal life and have seen significant improvements in my interpersonal relationships and productivity. 

Freddy Lawless


How to Win Friends and Influence People details techniques in handling people and actions to avoid in conversation (if you want someone to like you). Consistently reading and implementing the strategies suggested throughout this book have improved my charisma and made me a more likeable person. In addition, I've become more persuasive and understand human nature better.

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The Lawless Chronicles

Freddy Lawless


Atomic Habits is a self-improvement book that details affective mindsets and actions that will improve your life. Reading this book helped me understand about the "science" of habits and, through implementing those habits, enabled me to become more focused and productive.  

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The Lawless Chronicles

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

Atomic Habits

The Way of the Superior Man

The 4-Hour Work Week


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